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La Piccola Corte

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Since 1948, we satisfy your palates with traditional recipes and genuine ingredients and strictly selected, just as did our grandmothers.

La Piccola Corte


Located a few steps from Santa Maria Novella Station, just outside the Ztl area, the Restaurant, The Small, family-run, offers its customers the rare chance to taste old and traditional recipes from the areas of Chianti, carefully handed down and jealously guarded by the owners.

Anyone, by the Florentine DOC of any age, to Tuscany, Tourists will be amazed by the authenticity of the recipes, their preparation, and the service is friendly and attentive to the customer.


Special Recipes

Flavors valuable

At the base of the popularity of the restaurant, the choice careful, thrifty, painstaking of the raw materials is what makes the difference in comparison to the many restaurants in the centre of Florence.

Steers reared in Italy, and rigorously selected for the restaurant, are the workhorse for the tasty Steak appreciated by anyone sitting there. The search for the ancient taste, "just as he did grandmother" is the main rule of the kitchen, with not a little effort searching the ancient culinary methods for the result to be the mission of the restaurant.


A delicious



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